Current Energy

Case Study

Chatsworth Commercial Building

Feed in Tariff Project


Chatsworth, CA

System Capacity

.85 MW



Project Size

100 sqft

This is a 100,000 sqft building. The solar energy system includes 3000 self-cleaning solar panels on the roof, two brand-new carports with an additional 324 panels, and eight car charging stations. Before building this system, we installed a new roof with a 20-year warranty.
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We Gave Him A Free Roof

Patrick Delchop, partner and owner of Current Energy, explains why Current Energy gave their client a new roof.
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Free Roof worth $300,000

Joseph, Chatsworth building owner, discusses receiving a new $300,000.00 roof for his 100,000 sqft building for free.
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Our Engineering Philosophy

David Bell, head of engineering, discusses Current Energy’s philosophy for designing and building commercial solar energy systems.
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Sustaining 20-Year Contracts

Steve Heigey, CFO of Current Energy, answers the question of how long-term energy contracts are sustainable.

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