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Commercial Solar Solutions

Reenergize your business and the environment

Current Energy provides the most efficient, state-of-the-art solar systems tailored to meet energy needs.
Implementing solar energy solutions makes sense from every business perspective:
Decreasing energy costs, increasing building equity, and boosting revenue with a significant return on investment.
Making local, state, and national strides towards carbon neutrality.
Bringing about a range of positive impacts on the local community, spanning economic, environmental, and social dimensions.
Switch to solar, save money on electricity use, and free up resources for business operations. Commercial property owners can write off the value of their solar installation and take advantage of tax credits. Once the system has been paid off, business owners can generate free electricity for years to come, improving their bottom line in the process.
Here's How Our Solar Projects Work
We manage everything from selecting product specifications, construction, and permitting to ensure that your solar energy project runs smoothly from concept to connection and beyond.
Site Evaluation & Assessment
Our team conducts a thorough survey of your building, roof, property, and electrical service to determine the appropriate proposed solar energy installation. We gather this information to create a detailed construction and permit drawing set.
Customer Billing Analysis
We analyze your utility energy usage, demand, and unique energy savings goals and power needs to help identify opportunities for additional efficiency measures.
Our experienced design team creates detailed renderings of your proposed solar energy system to help you conceptualize our vision for your clean, purposeful, and efficient design.
We work with the appropriate authorities to secure the necessary permits for your project. We ensure authorization and approval from the utility company to interconnect the proposed system, creating a seamless process from construction to integration.
Our team strives to minimize the impact and disruption to our customers during the build process, making the development of your solar energy system an exciting and enjoyable experience.
During the interconnection phase, we ensure seamless integration of your solar energy system with the power grid. You can enjoy uninterrupted, clean power when we install systems with battery storage.
Purchasing Options for Businesses
Feed in Tariff
Feed in Tariff (FIT) Projects use your business rooftop or parking lot to create a clean energy power plant that serves clean energy to the electrical grid while providing reliable income to you over a 20-year period.
Net Meter
Net Energy Metered Systems allow you to consume clean power generated on your property and feed this energy back into the grid in exchange for profit. These projects are a sound financial investment in almost all business circumstances and typically see significant ROI from day one of interconnection.
Net Meter PPA
Net Meter Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) solar energy projects are investor-funded alternative energy systems. PPA Projects allow you to decrease your average energy expenditure while having the peace of mind of producing clean, reliable solar energy. These systems help expedite the transition to a clean energy future while controlling out-of-pocket costs.
Power Your Story

With rising pressure from the global community to achieve carbon neutrality, commercial entities are uniquely positioned to lead the charge regarding the large-scale adoption of solar energy.

Current Energy is the perfect partner to help you design, build, and implement a solar energy system that will last for years as a capital improvement to your property.

Here is what our business customers have to say

“I have now signed on for two projects with Current Energy and am about to sign my third contract with them. Why? Because everything I was told, from construction timelines to the kWh productions was spot on. This company is first rate, professional, polite, and responsive.”

Eric S.

Owner of Industrial Metal Supply

“Current Energy’s team was outstanding to work with. They met our timelines and provided and outstanding Solar System. I highly recommend them for any solar system installation,”

Chris G.

T Viole Construction

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