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EV Charging

Your Property, Our Electric Vehicle Charging Solution.

Install accessible and affordable EV charging stations on your property. US Electric Vehicle (EV) sales grew by 65% from 2021 to 2022. The most efficient and convenient option for EV owners is to charge where they live.
Retain and attract tenants.
Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations at apartment complexes and multi-family dwellings attract prospective tenants and affluent renters.
Landlords earn passive income when residents take advantage of charging stations.
EV charging stations improve resident safety by reducing travel needs to charge vehicles.
Mobile applications allow tenants to start, monitor, and stop charging sessions. Property owners can provide EV charging stations as a free amenity or accept payments to generate passive income. Energy management and optimized charging for utility bill reduction and limits to panel capacity.
Clean Energy Solutions at zero cost to property owners
  • Commercial-grade charging stations.
  • Pedestal and wall-mount options.
  • Single and dual-port chargers.
  • Automatic software updates.
  • Payment options include credit card via app, RFID, or free vending.
We install and manage. You control
  • Cloud-based user dashboard.
  • Real-time charging usage stats across all sites.
  • Revenue reporting.
  • Greenhouse gas and petroleum displacement.
  • Pricing by site and location.
Current Charging handles it all
  • Site review, infrastructure evaluation, planning, and permitting.
  • Charging station installation, maintenance, and technical support.
  • Dashboard/monitoring system setup.
Join the electric vehicle revolution today! With our top-notch EV car charging installation services, you’re just a click away from seamless, eco-friendly charging. Get started now!
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