Our Work

Powering Southern California And Beyond With Solar

Drawing on more than 30 years of experience, our team delivers unparallelled efficiency and high-tech solar energy solutions to clients with widely varying needs. Check out these pages for a sample of what we can do.


Designing and Building Solar Energy Systems at Airports require a unique skillset that blends high level project management along with ground level precision engineering and construction experience to deliver long term value to tenants and owners. Current Energy meets and exceeds the needs of private enterprise while engaging the necessary public utilities and federal regulations related to Airport Installations.


Commercial solar projects deliver new sources of profitability while presenting business the opportunity to serve as leaders who effect positive change on the behalf of their community, the environment, and their stakeholders


With rising pressure from the global community to achieve carbon neutrality, commercial entities are in a unique position to lead the charge when it comes to large-scale adoption of solar energy. Current Energy is the perfect partner to help you design, build, and implement a solar energy system that will last for years as a capital improvement to your property