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Quality. Expertise. Peace of Mind.

Current Energy’s reputation for excellence in Commercial Solar led to customer requests for top-notch Residential Solar Installations.

We have always prioritized transparency, communication, and excellent customer service, equipping our clients with custom solar solutions with top-quality components, all at the most affordable price.

Take control of your power generation and storage today with a Current Energy Solar Installation.
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Count On Us As Your One-Stop Renewable Energy Partner

Current Energy can assist you in upgrading your roofing, electrical, and storage systems at cost with additional subsidies, financing options, and incentives.  We are here for you through it all – from consultation, installation, and beyond with customer service and education.


If your roof needs work, we can include that in your solar package. Your new monthly payment will typically be lower than most people pay for electricity alone, especially with subsidies and tax incentives.

Electrical Upgrades

If your main breaker box is maxed out, inefficient, or outdated, we can upgrade it for you as part of the solar installation process. Electrical upgrades can contribute to even lower energy consumption.

Batteries & Storage

If you live in an area subject to power interruptions, have peace of mind knowing that your home is fully functioning even during outages with a battery system that delivers the most out of your solar system.

Why Current Energy is Right for You
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We’ve entered the residential solar sphere to do away with the hidden fees, complex contractual terms, and opaque pricing structures, that make it challenging for homeowners to make informed decisions about solar installations. Current Energy believes that improved industry transparency would foster consumer trust and contribute to the widespread adoption of solar energy by ensuring customers understand the actual costs and benefits associated with residential solar systems.

Read What Customers Have to Say

“We have been trying to go solar since 2018. I met with a dozen solar companies, and Current was by far the most knowledgeable and helpful. We bought a system for less than the other companies quoted us and got the equipment we wanted. All in all, a great experience.”

John T.


“My wife and I were spending nearly $300 on average for electricity. Current Energy helped us and reduced our costs to $160/month. In the summertime, we receive credits for overproduction and have received cash for our excess energy! We’re thrilled with our system; Hugo was integral to that process. I highly recommend him and his services.”

Shawn R.


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